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    Special Olympics Basketball

    Team Basketball - Team basketball consists of 5 on 5 team competition. We currently have 2 co-ed teams who have practice/play games 1-2 nights a week from November-January.

    Individual Skills Basketball - Athletes develop the basic basketball skills of dribbling, passing, catching and shooting in this event.

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    Special Olympics Bocce

    Athletes may play individually, in doubles or on a team. Bocce is one of the Special Olympics sports that offer unified play. Unified sports combine a Special Olympics athlete and a person without a disability for competition. At practices, athletes will play practice games where the rules of bocce and strategy of the game are emphasized.

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    Special Olympics Bowling Team - Athletes have the opportunity to work on their bowling skills, as well as, spend time with friends and make new friends. Athletes may bowl individually, in doubles or on a team.

    Bowling League - Our bowling league is an 8-week league that meets every Tuesday, typically from August-October, at Echo Lanes in Morris.

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    Special Olympics Golf

    Individual Skills Golf - Athletes learn and practice all the shots required to play on the course- wood, iron, pitch, chip, and sand shots, as well as putting.

    3 and 6 Hole Golf- Golfers may play 3 or 6 holes for competition. In hole play, shot making, etiquette and the rules of golf are emphasized.

    9 Hole Unified Golf- In 9-hole unified golf, a Special Olympics athlete and a peer without disabilities play together as a team for competition.

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    Special Olympics Swimming

    Athletes may swim 2 individual and 1 relay event for competition. Free style, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly events are offered at different distances for individual competition.

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    Special Olympics Athletics

    Athletes may compete in 2 individual events and 1 relay event for athletics (track and field). There are a variety of field events (softball throw, shot put, standing or running jump, etc.), as well as walking and running events at different distances.

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    Special Olympics Snowshoe

    Athletes may compete in 2 individual race events and 1 relay event for snowshoe, a winter equivalent to track. Athletes practice once a week from October through the regional competition in December.

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    Fitness Class

    Our fitness class provides participants the opportunity to develop and build balance, coordination, strength and endurance through stretching, movement and resistance training.

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    Social/ Leisure Activities

    Special Connections offers a variety of social and leisure activities throughout the year, including bingo, bowling, arts 'n crafts, movies, games, picnics, parties and dances.

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    Community Activities

    It is vital for our participants to be involved in their community. Watch here for details about programs and activities available to people with special needs in our community, outside of Special Connections.

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